Pastor Lars

Rev. Lars Haukeland was born again as a teenager on 11th November 1979, lead by Rev. Kenneth Watkins. He got quickly involved in the running of the Sunday school, first as song leader, later as Sunday school teacher. In this early period, the Bible Baptist Church in Bergen only arranged house meetings. In the 1980s, the church got a building at Paradis in Bergen. In 1985, Lars went to Independent Baptist Bible College, at this early time located in Coventry, England. This is when he started dating Carol who was later to become his wife in 1991. The college closed down at Christmas -85, and Lars returned to Norway. From 1984 and up to today, Lars has travelled to England (or to Norway from England) almost every year.

In 1997, brother Lars felt the calling to complete Bible College and moved to Coventry with wife and three children, saying with a smile that God had “sent him to Coventry”. He started the four year Bible College in September 1997, finishing up in July of 2001. The college was now located at Nuneaton, approx. half an hour’s drive from the southern side of Coventry. He became assistant pastor at Bible Baptist Church of Nuneaton as the main pastor, Rev. Leonard James, was currently experiencing health problems. Here he stayed for approximately two years before moving to Wolverhampton. In 2003 Lars was ordained as a minister in Nuneaton before opening up Kingsmead Independent Church in Cannock where he felt the  Lord had lead him. Kingsmead opened it’s doors on September 23rd 2003 and had Bible studies every Tuesday. They did not start Sunday meetings till January 2004. The first months of KIBC was a Bible study about the Bible, called “The Manuscript From Outer Space!” Rev. Lars Haukeland ministered at KIBC for a year and a half when Rev. Damian Pickett from USA took over the work. Brother Lars spent some time working with Rev. Tom Gritts at Temple Baptist Church in Wolverhampton before returning to Norway in 2006. There he restarted a Sunday school, as well as arranging family meetings and Bible study at the island of Askøy outside Bergen.

Brother Lars’ favourite book in the Bible is Genesis. His favourite topics are creation and purpose. He has also travelled around churches in England speaking mainly on missions and love.

In the summer of 2013 Rev. Haukeland decided to take a break in arranging the Sunday school because of health reasons. He is currently helping out arranging youth camps and writing on his blog. In 2018 he published “The Dinosaurman’s Devotional Book” (in Norwegian, and in 2020 he gave out “The Gospel According to Moses – a walk through the tabernacle”.

Brother Lars finished his education as a learning disability nurse in 1993, and in 2020 he completed furthered education withing psychiatry and drug abuse. On a daily basis, he is working with drug addicts and psychotic patients at a psychiatric hospital in Bergen, Norway.


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