013 Purpose in Abraham (the seperated one)

Purpose in Abraham (the separated one)

Txt: Gen. 13:5-18

Abraham and Lot are types of two classes of Christians.

Lot was a righteous man, but, living by sight and sense, he sought only his own pleasure and profit.

He is the type of an unconsecrated Christian.

Abraham lived by faith in the promise of God.

He may fail, but not like Lot, who never could do anything to help Abraham.

Lot built no altar.

The unconsecrated life can live without worship.

The well-watered plains have more attraction for the worldly believer.

The “higher Christian life” just means higher motives in living.

  I. The Impossible Relationship (v. 6)

“The land was not able to bear them.”

The conditions of the country would not permit Abraham

and Lot dwelling together.

Even the land of promise is not able to sustain such an

unequal yoke as the life of faith in God and the life of

sense and worldly wisdom.

This is a strife that often takes place in the heart of the

believer, a conflict between the fleshly life and the


As long as the strife goes on, the land of promise seems

to yield no blessing (see Rom. 7).

Worldly Christians, like Lot, set no value on the

promises of God.

II. The Generosity Of Faith (v. 8-9)

“Abraham said to Lot, The whole land is before thee;

separate thyself”

The friend of God can easily afford to let others have

the first choice.

Either hand will do for the man of God.

The servant of God must not strive.

We can show our trust in God by standing back from

the strife of tongues, and by allowing others to occupy

the chief seats.

Let us stand up for God, and God will stand up for our


All our rights are in Him.

III. The Selfishness Of The Worldly-Minded (v. 10-13)

“Lot lifted up his eyes”

He looked for the best, and chose it, and never said

“thank you.”

He separated himself from the man of faith with a light


Worldly Christians do not set much value on the

fellowship of a holy man.

His mind was set on earthly prosperity, not on heavenly


How much did he gain by it?

He pitched his tent (no altar) towards Sodom, and was

burned out of himself, saved as by fire.

IV. The Privilege Of The Separated (v. 14)

“The Lord said unto Abraham, after Lot was separated

from him, lift now up thine eyes”

After the separation comes the message of comfort,

“Come out from among them,…and I will receive you”

(2Cor. 6:17).

Greed and covetousness constrained Lot to lift up his


Abraham lifted up his eyes at the invitation of the Lord.

Herein lies the great distinction between the worldly

Christian and the faithful one.

The one is moved by self-interest, the other by the

Word of God.

“Looking up” is the abiding attitude of every separated


Lot goes on his own understanding.

Abraham goes leaning on the promise of God.

(See Gal. 2:20)

V. The Altar Of Testimony (v. 18)

“Abraham came to the plain of Mamre and built there an

altar unto the Lord”

Lot pitched his tent towards Sodom;

Abraham pitched his tent towards God.

The self-seeking Christian bears no testimony fro God.

When he does attempt it, it looks like mockery (19:14).

The just shall live by faith.

Live to the will of God (1 Peter 4:1-2).


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