Give me yourself (2016)

Give me an inch so I can take  mile

Give me a hug and I will send a smile

Give me Your love and stay With me a while

Give me yourself – and do not cramp my style…

Give me Your promise you’ll always be true

Give me this feeling that I never knew

Give me some feelings that slowly will brew

Give me yourself – that I will not feel blue…

Give me enjoyment wherever I go

Give me the wisdom to know what to sow

Give me some shelter from Cold Winds that blow

Give me yourself – and let precious love grow…

Give me Your all as Our lives soon will end

Give me Your warmth like you always did send

Give me posessions I’m eager to spend

Give me yourself – you’re my very best friend…

Give me a chance to give you something back

Give me a chance to make white out of black

Give me a chance to provide you a snack

Give me yourself – there is nothing I lack…

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