I saw a dinosaur (2015)

I saw a dinosaur the other day

It simply smiled at me and ran away

I wondered why it came to pick on me

It was as strange as it could ever be

I saw a glow-worm  crawling on my skin

And it made many paths and holes within

It scared the living daylights out of me

I closed my eyes up so I wouldn’t see

I saw a snake preparing to attack

I must admit that I did stumble back

For it was venomous and full of hate

I tried to hide myself inside a gate

I saw all colours; yellow, white and blue

A bright red circle circumpassing you

And in the deepest of the darkest night

A tiny light was shining very Bright

I saw a golden girl upon the beach

It was too far away – I could not reach

My feet were frozen and I could not move

And there was nothing left that I could prove

I saw a garden and a little house

I wondered if it also had a spouse

Can I move in here – tell me: can I stay?

Then all my demons might be kept at bay

Then there was thunder cutting through the dark

And there was hope to find – a little spark

But when the thunder and the spark was gone

A little dinosaur was having fun.


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