Part 1: Absolute surrender

“And Benhadad the king of Syria gathered all his host together: and there were thirty and two kings with him, and horses, and chariots: and he went up and besieged Samaria, and warred against it.

And he sent messengers to Ahab king of Israel into the city, and said unto him, Thus saith Benhadad,

Thy silver and thy gold is mine; thy wives also and thy children, even the goodliest, are mine.

And the king of Israel answered and said, My lord, O king, according to thy saying, I am thine, and all that I have.”

(1 Kings 20:1-4)

What Ben Hadad asked was absolute surrender; and what Ahab gave was what was asked of him – absolute surrender. I want to use these words “My lord, O king, according to thy saying, I am thine, and all that I have,” as the words of absolute surrender with which every child of God ought to yield himself to his Father. We have heard it before, but we need to hear it very definitely – the condition of God’s blessing is absolute surrender into His hands. Praise God! If our hearts are willing to do that, there is no end to what God will do for us, and to the blessing God will bestow.

People often say that they are devoted or committed to the Lord, but God wants an absolute surrender from us. If we are devoted or committed to the Lord, we’re basically saying “I will give this much, Lord, but no more!” When you surrender to God, you give Him everything. We all need to ask ourselves the pointed question: Am I willing to surrender all to God? Many have answered this question with a “yes”, then some have surrendered all whilst others have failed to do so, feeling condemned because they did not find the secret of the power to live that life. May God have a word for all!

God claims it from us

It has the foundation of the very nature of God. God cannot do otherwise. Who is God? He is the Fountain of life, the only Source of existence and power and goodness, and throughout the universe there is nothing good but what God works. God has created the sun, the moon and the stars, and the flowers, and the trees, and the grass; are they not all absolutely surrendered to God? Do they not allow God to work in them just what He pleases? When God clothes the lily with its beauty, is it not yielded up, surrendered, given over to God as He works in it its beauty? And God’s redeemed children, oh, can you think that God can work His work if there is only half or part of us surrendered? God cannot do it. God is life, and love, and blessing, and power, and infinite beauty, and God delights to communicate Himself to every child who is prepared to receive Him; but ah! this one lack of absolute surrender is just the thing that hinders God. And now He comes, and as God, He claims it.

You know in daily life what absolute surrender is. You know that everything has to be given up to its special, definite object and service. I have a pen in my pocket, and that pen is absolutely surrendered to the one work of writing, and that pen must be absolutely surrendered to my hand if I am to write properly with it. If another holds it partly, I cannot write write properly. This coat is absolutely given up to me to cover my body. The church building is entirely given up to religious services. And now, do you expect that in your immortal being, in the divine nature that you have received by regeneration, God can work His work, every day and every hour, unless you are entirely given up to Him? God cannot. The Temple of Solomon was absolutely surrendered to God when it was dedicated to Him. And every one of us is a temple of God, in which God will dwell and work mightily on one condition – absolute surrender to Him. God claims it, God is worthy of it, and without it God cannot work His blessed work in us. But, second, God not only claims it, but

God will work it Himself

I am sure there is many a heart that says “Ah, but that absolute surrender implies so much!” Someone says: “Oh, I have passed through so much trial and suffering, and there is so much of the self-life still remaining, and I dare not face the entire giving of it up, because it will cause so much trouble and agony.”

Alas that God’s children have such thoughts of Him, such cruel thoughts. Oh, I come to you with a message, fearful and anxious ones. God does not ask you to give the perfect surrender in your own strength, or by the power of your will; God is willing to work it in you. Do we not read: “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.? (Philippians 2:13) And that is what we should seek for – to go on our faces before God, until our hearts learn to believe that the everlasting God Himself will come in to turn out what is wrong, to conquer what is evil, and to work out what is well-pleasing in His blessed sight. God Himself will work it in you.

The third thought. God not only claims it and works it, but

God accepts it when we bring it to Him

God works it in the secret of our heart, God urges us by hidden power of His Holy Spirit to come and speak it out, and we have to bring and to yield to Him that absolute surrender. But remember, when you come and bring God that absolute surrender, it may, as far as your feelings and consciousness go, be a thing of great imperfection, and you may doubt and hesitate and say: “Is it absolute?” But remember there was once a man to whom Christ said: “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” (Mark 9:23) And his heart was afraid, and he cried out: “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” That was a faith that triumphed over the devil, and the evil spirit was cast out. And if you come and say: “Lord, I yield myself in absolute surrender to my God,” even though it be with a trembling heart and with the consciousness: “I do not feel the power, I do not feel the determination, I do not feel the assurance,” it will succeed. Be not afraid, but come just as you are, and even in the midst of your trembling, the power of the Holy Ghost will work.

A fourth thought. God not only claims it, and works it, and accepts it when we bring it, but

God maintains it

That is the great difficulty with many. People say: “I have often been stirred at a meeting, or at a convention, and I have consecrated myself to God, but it has passed away. I know it may last for a week or for a month, but away it fades, and after a time it is all gone.” But listen! It is because you do not believe what I am going to tell you and remind you of. When God has begun a the work of absolute surrender in you, and when God has accepted your surrender, then God holds Himself bound to care for it and to keep it. Will you believe that?

In the matter of surrender there are two parties; God and I. I – a worm, God – the everlasting and omnipotent >J>ehova. Worm, will you be afraid to trust yourself to this mighty God now? God is willing. Do you not believe that He can keep you continually, day by day, and moment by moment?

Moment by moment, I’m kept in His love; moment by moment I’ve life from above

If God allows the sun to shine upon you moment by moment, without intermission, will not God let His life shine upon you every moment? And why have you not experienced it? Because you have not trusted God for it, and you do not surrender yourself absolutely to God in that trust.

The last thought. This absolute surrender to God

Will wonderfully bless us

When Ahab says to his enemy, king Ben Hadad “My lord, O king, according to thy saying, I am thine, and all that I have”, shall we not say it to our God and loving Father? If we do say it, God’s blessing will come upon us. God wants us to be separate from the world; we are called to come out from the world that hates God, and say: “Lord, anything for Thee.” If you say that with prayer, and speak that into God’s ear, He will accept it, and He will teach you what it means.

I say it again, God will bless you. You have been praying for blessing. But do remember, there must be absolute surrender. At every tea-tableyou see it. Why is tea poured into that cup? Because it’s empty, and given up for tea. But put ink, or vinegar, or wine into it, and will they pour tea into the vessel?  And can God fill you, can God bless you if you are not absolutely surrendered to Him? He cannot. Let us believe God has wonderful blessings for us, if we but stand up for God, and say, be it with a trembling will, yet with a believing heart: “O God, I accept Thy demands. I am thine and all that I have have. Absolute surrender is what my soul yields to Thee by divine grace.”

You may not have such strong and clear feelings of deliverance as you would desire to have, but humble yourself in His sight, and knowledge that you have grieved the Holy Spirit by your self-will, self-confidence, and self-effort. Bow humbly before Him in he confession of that, and ask Him to break the heart to bring you into the dust before Him. Then, as you bow before Him, just accept God’s teaching that in your flesh “there dwelleth no good thing,” and that nothing will hep you except another life which must come in. You must deny self once and for all. Denying self must every moment be the power of your life, and then Christ will come in and take possession over you.


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