God caused love

Unlike affection, only humans are capable of receiving, giving, refusing, and rejecting love.

Animals (including chimps) are not able to provide any assistance to other creatures they are not related to, and even seem to be unable to recognize the needs of other animals. Although some animals (especially mammals like dogs, cats, and horses) can and do appreciate affection, only humans are capable of receiving, giving, refusing, and rejecting love.

Humans are driven by an entirely different kind of love. We love our children when they are disobedient. We can love our enemies and sacrifice our lives for our friends (like soldiers do). The highest, truest kind of love is that which consciously seeks and takes practical action to do good for someone else, valuing that other person as higher than one’s self, even if providing such good requires self-sacrifice. This is what separates us, practically, from love expressed by animals.

Of course, if God did not create us, how would we ever know what real love is, much less learn to practice love ourselves? The very fact that we can love and be loved (by God and by others) is yet another proof of a Creator’s love. Because of His own nature of infinite love and grace, it was God’s good pleasure to create things in whom He could bestow His love and grace and who, being made in His image, would be capable of reciprocating and responding to that love.

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).


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