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Lars Haukeland was born in Bergen, Norway on 24th of April 1964. He had a happy childhood growing up with mother Helga  and father Nils as well as his older brother Rolf-Emil and sister Anne-Birthe.

During elementary school, Lars developed an interest for writing. After watching the first Star Wars film, his interest for science fiction started developing. He made up the 12th Galaxy universe in which he invented a few stories. He also wrote a short story called “Chess in space” at this time. His first song, “One way love”, was written in 1984. Lars also started making a local “newspaper” with some friends, but ended up writing it alone after a few editions. These he would sell to friends and neighbours walking door to door. In 9th grade Lars took journalism and coedited the school newspaper. As an adult, Lars has worked at four different local radio-stations, Radio Fana, Radio Arna, Radio KrF (Christian People’s Party) and Frie Evangeliske Forsamlings radio (Free Evangelical Church’s radio).

Lars is educated as a “vernepleier” (Social Educator) from Bergen (1990-1993), and he also went to Independent Baptist Bible College in Nuneaton, England (1997-2001). He has worked in children’s nurseries, at a daycenter for mentally challenged people, and with young people in their own protected homes. Today, he’s working at a psychiatric hospital in Bergen, Norway.

In 2003, Lars was ordained as a minister in Nuneaton, England and started up Kingsmead Independent Baptist Chuch 23rd of  September the same year. He ministered there to 2005 when he handed the work over to Rev. Damian Pickett. Lars returned to Norway in 2006 where he started up Sunday school, Bible studies and family meetings. This ended in 3013 because of health reasons.

These days he is working daily with drug addicts and psychotic people. On his spear time he writes on this blog and helps out working with young people, especially in arranging Christian week-end camps.

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