Genesis Quiz

by Brian Thomas, M.S. *

Think you know Genesis and ancient history? Answer five quick questions and find out!
  1. 1. Did armadillos ever live in the Middle East?

    Ancient French naturalist Pierre Belon described an armadillo from his visit to Turkey in 1553 AD. Armadillos have since gone extinct from Turkey. This fits biblical creation. Representatives of each animal kind, including armadillos, left the Ark after it landed in or near Turkey’s Ararat mountains. Armadillos later migrated to the Americas, where they thrive today.
  2. Does man’s creation after the animals in Genesis 1 contradict man’s creation before the animals in Genesis 2?

    Carefully reading these chapters resolves all their supposed contradictions. Genesis 1 gives the order of creation events on each day—so we know God made man last, after making the animals. Genesis 2 does not discuss the order. It only mentions animal creation after Adam. It does this to explain why God made Eve.
  3.  Did dinosaurs live long before man?

    Legends, historical descriptions, stone and metal carvings, tile mosaics, and other art forms describe dinosaur-looking dragons from virtually all cultures worldwide. Plus, the book of Job describes a giant creature called behemoth with a dinosaur-like tail and other features. Finally, Noah brought a male and female of every land-dwelling creature kind, including the dinosaur kinds, onto the Ark. History and the Bible give evidence that ancient men lived at the same time as dinosaurs.
  4.  Did most fossils form before or after Adam?

    Genesis teaches that the first death was an animal sacrificed to cover Adam and Eve’s nakedness (Genesis 3:21). Romans 5 clearly says that Adam’s sin caused death. This means death and fossils came after Adam. But when did all the fossils form? The Flood year seems like the most likely time.
  5.  How much do Genesis people and events like Adam or a world-covering Flood matter to the Good News of Jesus Christ who can save us from judgment of our sins?
    Very Little
    Very Much

    If Adam was not a real man, then we wouldn’t know how sin entered our lives. Nor would we understand why the Lord Jesus had to die for our sins. Similarly, if the Flood did not really judge the whole world with water, then we might doubt the promise that God will judge the whole world with fire—the very judgment from which Jesus can save us.

    What is Your score?

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