010 Purpose in Abraham (his calling)

Purpose in Abraham (His Calling)

Txt: Gen. 12:1-4

The life of Abraham. Like the course of a river, had many windings, but it seemed to deepen and gather in strength as it went on.

No OT saint figures more prominently in the NT.

A life of faith in God will always be fragrant for good.

I. When The Call Came

It came when he was living in ignorance and idolatry

(Rom. 4:10)

He was not called because he was better than his


The grace of God seeks for no worthiness.

Christ came not to call the righteous, but sinners.

While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom.


II. How The Call Came

Whether he heard an audible voice, or whether the

Spirit whispered the message into his heart by

working in him an irresistible desire we don’t know.

At any rate, the call was very personal.

He alone could answer it.

The calling of God brings individual responsibility.

God doesn’t call us that we may be better than our

neighbours, but better than ourselves.

God’s saving call comes to us through the Gospel.

  III. What This Call Involves


“Get thee out.” (v. 1)

His country, his kindred, or father’s house must not


Every connection and friendship that stood between

him and the divine call must be broken and left


If a man is not willing to forsake his sins, he is not

willing to get saved (Isaiah 55:7).


This is a life of faith in God and fellowship with God

– a blessed life.

All who obey God live by faith.

It is the transplanting of the Spirit out of the barren

soil of self into the fat, fruitful soil of infinite grace.

IV. What Accompanies This Call


“A land that I will show thee.”

Many linger when God calls, thinking of what might

have to be given up, forgetful of what God offers.

The Prodigal had, of course, to give up his rags when

he got the best robe.


“I will bless thee, and thou shalt be a blessing.”

All the families of the earth are being and will yet be

blessed through Abraham’s seed (Christ).

We can only be a blessing for God after we have

been blessed by God.

This is God’s order.

We are saved to serve.

It is out of those who came to Jesus and drink that the

living waters flow.

V. How The Call Was Received

It would seem from Genesis 11:31 that Abraham was

lead by his father instead of the command of God.

Under his leadership he only got to Haran.

After his father’s death, Abraham fully obeyed (v. 4)

Worldly wisdom will never help us in the life of faith.

There is no rest or blessing for those who stop short of

Christ, no matter how far they may have gone.

Almost saved means lost.


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