014 Purpose in Abraham (the man of faith)

Purpose in Abraham (the man of faith)

Txt: Gen. 14:18-24

God called Abram, and he went out, not knowing whither he went. Lot went with him. Lot followed Abram, and Abram followed God.

Lot is found dwelling in Sodom. Now we see him as a captive. Worldliness is sure to lead to spiritual bondage.

Abram’s character shines out here as….

I. A Man of Sympathy (v. 13-14)

“They came and told Abram that his brother was taken


Think if he might have said: “He has himself to blame.

Serve him right; he should not have gone into Sodom.”

Just the wages of worldliness.

But not so. He at once bestirs himself to seek his


Those who walk in fellowship with God cannot remain

indifferent to the sufferings and sorrows of their brethren.

II. A Man of Courage (v. 14-15)

With his handful of servants he goes forth against the

four kings. The man of faith attempts great kings.

He knows that God can use weak things to confound

the mighty.

Abram’s faith worked by love. He loved his brother Lot,

and dared to do this great deed.

Great faith constrains to attempt what seems

impossible. Think of Nehemiah, of Moses, and of Paul

(Phil. 4:13).

III. A Man of Power (v. 16)

“He brought back all”

Abram, as a separated man, dwelt in the presence of God.

He went to battle as one who had come out from the holy,

soul-inspiring presence.

The victory is complete.

Lot mingled with the ungodly, and he could not even save


It is the separated one alone who is able to save others.

Abram’s power lay in his life of faith.

If we would have victory for God, then we must be

separated unto God.

Remember where and how Samson failed (Judges 16).

The truthful branch must abide in the vine.

IV. A Man of Independence (v. 23)

“I will not take anything that is thine”

Abram took all he could get from the king of Salem,

because he was a priest of the Most High God; but he

would take nothing from the king of Sodom, lest he should

say, “I have made Abram rich.”

God had enriched him, and he would take nothing likely to

hinder Him from having all the honour.

This is not the independence of pride and self-sufficiency,

but that of a holy jealousy for the Name and character of


It is the independence of entire independence upon God


May our hearts be stirred up to the exercise of it!

“The Lord is the portion of His people” (Deut. 32:9).

  V. A Man Approved of God (v. 18-19)

“Melchizedek met him and blessed him”

He also refreshed him with “bread and wine“.

Jesus Christ, the Priest of the Most High God, will so bless

and refresh all who, like Abram, go forth in His Name to

walk, to work, and to war.

What a privilege to meet the Blessing Priest when

returning faint and weary from the struggle of faith!

Many a battle the separated man of God will need to fight

on behalf of others, but Jesus, the succouring King of

Peace, will meet him with His help and blessing, and at

last with His “Well done!”, which brings eternal benediction.


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