Words From A Chair

“Words From A Chair” (1984)
Words: Lars Haukeland
Music: Lars Haukeland

I’m Sitting In My Chair
Thinking About Many Things
Luckily I Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings
Questions Do Arise
When I Think About This Place
Earth Is Beautiful, But Also A Disgrace

Ref: People Live And People Die
It’s No Crime To Tell A Lie
Governing Is Done By Fools
Lucifer Has Many Tools

Pollution Figures Are
Very High And Dangerous
Maybe Future Will Be Wrecked Because Of Us
People Do Believe
Planes And Bombs Can Bring Us Peace
If You’re Powerful, The Others Must Say “Please”


I’ve Seen So Many Wars
Prayers About Peace On Earth
Many People Are Mistreated From Their Birth
Someone Has Been Stabbed
Many Will Be Stabbed Real Soon
Meanwhile Somebody Are Going To The Moon



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