Sad & Rainy Song

“Sad & Rainy Song” (1985)
Words: Lars Haukeland
Music: Lars Haukeland

I’m Sitting In The Kitchen Feeling Very Sad And Lonely
And A Tear Runs Down My Face And Hit’s the Table
The World Seems Awfully Silly And I Cannot Understand It
And I Feel So Unimportant And Unable

It Is A Rainy Day
The Sun Has Disappeared
I Don’t Know Why I’m Crying, But I Do
I’ll Be On My Way
The World Will Still Go ‘Round
In Time I’ll Know These Hard Times Will Be Through

Whenever I Get Like This I Will Drown Myself In Sorrow
And I’ll Tell Myself That Life Is Not Worth Livin’
Then I Forget The Sunshine That Has Shone In Through My Window
And Forget The Many Joys That It Has Given

It Is A Rainy Day…


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