015: Purpose in Abraham (walking before God)

Txt: Genesis 17:1-5

Abraham was 99 years old when the Lord appeared unto him. Not too old to have a fellowship With Him. Age may shut us from the joys and companionships of youth, but through Grace it may ripen Our friendsjip With God.

I. The Revelation

“I am the Almighty. I am God all-sufficient.”

This is a vivine plaster large enough to cover any human sore

A son had been promised to Abraham; He was now old and no son had yet been given to him; but in this promise he had enough to brighten faith and trim afresh the flickering lamp of hope.

This revelation of God, as Our all-suffivency, is made known to us in Jesus Christ. There is enough in Him to meet all Our need, both as sinners and as servants.

Weary, downcast sinners, hear Him say “Look unto Me; I am God all-sufficient.”

To brighten Your little dwelling, there is plenty of light in this sun; to float Your little vessel there is plenty of water in this Ocean.

II. The comission

“Walk before Me, and be thou Perfect.”

Perhaps Abraham  had been walking too much before Sarah. Seeking to please her, guided by her coulsel, they had turned aside from the life of faith in God (Genesis 16:1-4). This was a Call –


“Walk before Me”

In all Things he was to act as the one who lived in the immediate presence of God Almighty

This is not a life of dread and awkward restraint, but holy, joyful divinely satisfied life.

It is, in fact, the life of faith.

This is the high privilege of every Heaven-born child of God.


“Be thou Perfect.”

That is, to be whole-hearted. Not having a double heart (Psalm 12:2), seeking to please both God and man.

All perfection comes from Him who alone is Perfect.

The highest human perfection lies in a whole-hearted life before God.

III. The submission

“And Abraham fell on his face.”

The best answer to God’s high calling is a humble and broken spirit.

And Abraham did not say boastingly, like some of his descendants, “All that thou sayest will we do” (Ruth 3:5).

He bowed his face to the dust, and “God talked With him.”

A deep conscious sense of ignorance andweakness brings us the right attitude to be taught of God.

God always talks to the heart of the self-abased.

When John fell to his feet he felt the touch of His gracious hand, and hearing His comforting “Fear not” (Revelation 1:17).

May He give us humbleness of heart, thay calmness of spirit that bears the faintest whisper from the lips of the Holy Ghost.

IV. The transformation

“Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram; but thy name shall be called Abraham.

Abram, the axalted, is changed into Abraham, the faithful.

He has bowed With his Whole heart unto the will of God, and his character is transformed.

Is it not always so? Complete surrender brings a Complete change of nature.

Jacob became a Prince, and prevailed when he yielded entirely to the Heavenly wrestler.

It is when we are crucifeid With Vhrist that Christ liveth in us (Galatians 2:20).

It is by yielding to the Spirit of Christ that we are transformed into His holy and Heavenly image.


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