09 Living through disappointment

Encouragement for difficult days (9):

Each of us must learn how to handle the disappointments in life. All of us know what it means to have our dreams shattered and our plans changed. If ever a man experienced disappointments and personal tragedy, it was Jeremiah. He was called to serve God at a difficult time in history., and he was given a difficult message to proclaim. Still, he served the Lord faithfully for over 40 years.

If ever a man had a broken heart, it was Jeremiah. His book of prophecies bears witness to his burden, and the book of Lamentations, which he also wrote, has tear stains on almost every page. Jeremiah could have died a bitter and broken man, but he did not. In the strength of the Lord he was able to face his disappointments and accept them.

“Woe is me for my hurt! my wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is a grief, and I must bear it.”
(Jeremiah 10:19)
This statement is one of the greatest declarations of faith and truthfulness in the Bible.
So what does the prophet Jeremiah teach us about how to face and conquer the disappointments of life?

1. Jeremiah teaches us to expect disappointments
There will not always be sunshine in our lives. Some days will be stormy and dark.
Think of all the people of the Bible who suffered.

2. Jeremiah teaches us that our disappointments are in the hands of God.
God will not give us a task that He won’t equip us for. God is in control.
Some times, God is the only one who can do something about the problem anyway.

3. Jeremiah teaches us that to yield to God’s will and let Him heal your broken heart and fulfill
His desires.
Jeremiah did not fight God, but yielded to the will of God and let Him work out His perfect plan.
As a result, the nation was taken captive and carried to Babylon. Jeremiah was kidnapped and taken to
Egypt by some fanatics, and there he was stoned to death. Not what we call a happy ending,
Still, because of this, the prophet Jeremiah was later compared to the Lord Jesus.

Many of the greatest men of the Bib le were men who are known for their suffering. Joseph, Moses, David, Jeremiah and Paul all suffered greatly, and the Lord used them greatly. Suffering is hard, but builds character and strengthen us for other challenges ahead.


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