Alone he stood (at the top of the hill) (2011)

Alone he stood at the top of the hill

Wondering as he stood very still

Where are the others who gave out their cry

They’ve taken their leave and all said good-bye

What will it take to raise up your hand

To lift up your voice and rightfully stand

To claim what we do believe to be true

To make the world better for me and for you

Alone he stood at the top of the hill

With visibility practically nill

No feet came running to offer him aid

No one was willing to go on a raid

He mumbled “It doesn’t really matter

As a matter of fact, i should have known better

Than to pick up a fight on behalf of others

Believing that we were practically brothers”

Alone he stood at the top of the hill

He started to shiver and feeling quite ill

He bent down to the ground and gathered his breath

Fearing not even an untimely death

Then he pulled out his sword

As he prayed to the Lord

He said “Thy will be done…”

And he hasted to run…

Now nobody stood at the top of the hill

Please step forward anyone who will…

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