Ape-men… fact or fantasy? – Part 2

By Ron and Lara Gillespie

Don’t the fossils show ‘Missing Links’ (Creatures in-between men and apes) that prove we came from apes or monkey-like creatures?

Lots of fossils have been discovered and some are still being argued about— but no actual ‘Missing Links’ have been found. Scientists have eventually realized that most of the fossils found were apes or ape-like Creatures or types of humans—but not in-between’ forms. Sadly though, it often takes many years (or decades even!) for this truth to come out.

So textbooks still have false pictures to convince people to believe in ‘Missing Links’. Newspaper headlines can be even trickier—making us believe that scientists have found a ‘Missing Link’. But when that is not found to be the truth, they don’t print a headline saying they got it wrong! For example there are still a lot of people who believe that the ‘Lucy’ fossil is a missing link between people and apes. The newspapers wrote this in bigheadlines when this fossil was found many years ago.

There are still museums around that have models of ‘Lucy’ standing upright looking half-human. This has now found to be not true. Rather she is thought to bean extinct type of ape that was not able to walk upright like people at all.

Ramapithecus (we’ll call him ‘Rama’ for short) is another good example. ‘Rama’ was supposed to be the first ape that walked upright on two legs—on his way to becoming human. But the first fossils found of Rama were just pieces of jaw and teeth—how could they tell from that how it walked?! Scientists thought the pieces were halfway between the curve of a human jaw and an orangutan jaw. Then they found the whole jaw and realized it was just a type of ape after all—but not before they’d tried toconvince people they’d found a ‘missing link’!

Sometimes we can’t even be sure that the pieces of fossils all belong together. Pieces are sometimes found kilometres apart, then a guess is made that they all belong together if it fits the story that people want to believe. There have also been cases of scientists using the ‘dates’ of rocks further away from where the fossils were found rather than nearby rocks. This is because the fossils gave an ‘age’ that suited them better.

The one thing we can be sure of is that God’s Word, the Bible, says that God created us, not that we camefrom apes. And we don’t need to feel like a monkey for believing this… the facts of science fit with the story.


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