The night was cold (2014)

The night was cold

The night was dark

A scream cut through the night.

The man was old

Had lost his spark

And years had dimmed his sight

He took his horse

Rode out of town

For hours did he ride.

Then through som doors

With a big frown

So desperate he did slide.

To his own house

He entered had

He kissed his love so sweet.

And then his spouse

Upset and sad

Laid crying at his feet.

The food was scarce

The water bad

And heavy was their breath.

Now through the tears

This stumbling dad

Did face his daughters death.

He wept so long

He wept so hard

That every tear was spent.

This man so strong

Had dropped his guard

And felt his heart was rent.

They say that time

Can heal all wounds

But this old man would say:

It is a crime

That’s set in runes

That no one can repay.

Another time

Another place

This story did unfold.

This simple rhyme

Is all the trace

That there was to be told.



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