The 12th Galaxy


In another time, and another space…

there was a place called the 12th Galaxy
by some.

It all started in year 0. Seven humans found themselves on a planet called Xyver. They were all adults, they had no knowledge of where they came from, but they all had great skills. Nobody knew where their skills came from. It was like their memories had been partly removed.

They found the planet rich in vegetation and food, and with their different skills they soon built house and factories, and the community flourished. The capital of Hazilda was established just before the first century expired, and some moved south to establish Southport, the most southern city located by the sea. Later, others moved north and established Northport, although that was not a city by the sea. These were the main cities for years to come.

Different political ideas caused farmers to leave the cities, moving south to better farmland. The planet had at this time a presidential democracy, but the assassination of president Rochdale in year 157 just about brought on a civil war. The planet was parted into two nations; farmilation-land and the democratic nation, and these two has almost constantly been at war. On the one side the two nations are separated by the sea, on the other side, a great wall separates them.

Around the year 250, people started leaving Xyver, tired of the conflict on Xyver. First, they went to the closest planet and called it Plinky after the first spaceship that arrived there. Shortly after, people arrived at the smaller planet of Minnus, not much further away. About year 320, the first settlers traveled for weeks to find Xyver II, about twenty times larger than the original Xyver, but it was as lush and fruitful with lots of water, just like the original planet. They also found Orto, a small planet circling Xyver II. They thought it was a moon at first, but it was called a planet after they built atmosphere-builders there and made the air breathable. It is perhaps the most important mining-facility in the 12th galaxy as it is where they produce catalina, the fuel needed for most modern spaceships, built after the year 900.

In the year 704, a spaceship called the Maxwell appeared for the first time to the 12th galaxy. Aboard was a man called Alex Hoff and a bunch of robots. He said he was the one that had brought mankind to Xyver, and now he’d been watching them from the planet Axomorphilidad where he lived, but now he had come because he needed some raw materials that they had. He was given what he wanted, and he took off, back to the planet where he came from, located on the opposite side of Xyver seen from Xyver II.

When this society reached year 1000, Hoff came back, still in a spaceship called the Maxwell, and not looking a day older than 300 years ago. He now wanted money and raw materials paid to him on a yearly basis as taxes. He pronounced himself as emperor Hoff, and said his robots would attack the human planets if they didn’t obey. Many people believed he was a deity that could not grow old, whilst others believed he was a robot, just like his servants.
The people decided to give in to the emperors demands, but after 32 years of taxes, the people changed their opinion. They wanted to keep all their money and their raw materials.

The year is 1033…


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