Lord, I Want To Come Back

“Lord, I Want To Come Back” (1998)
Words: Lars Haukeland
Music: Jan Eggum

Ref: Lord, I Want To Come Back
To The Deepest, Safest Refuge
This World Is Too Hard For Me…
Let Me Come Back To Thee

I Saw You The Other Day
You Saw Me And Walked Away
You Made Me Feel Sad
I Could Not Be Glad
My Life’s In A Mess
Hoping That The Lord Will Bless…

But I Can Not Believe
Either One Can Not Relieve
This Strange And Awkward State
I Don’t Think It’s Too Late
My Head’s In A Spin
It’s Time To Let The Lord Enter In…


When They Made Fun Of Me
Lift My Head That I Might See
It’s All Worth The Price
When I Take Your Advice
Please, Lord, Hold Me Tight
Help Me Stand By You And Fight…

When All My Strength Is Gone
Help Me Look Upon Your Son
He Can Give Me Power
Raise Me Any Hour
Help Me Lord To Live
And Of My Abundance Give…



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