December 2nd: “Mary, Did You Know?” Mark Lowry

Even though this song is quite recently written, there has been loads of cover versions made of it. It is not just the simple and touching melodu of Buddy Green that has made this song popular, but the words of Mark Lowry are very dynamic and touches somethinh within us.

Mark Lowry is perhaps best known as a member of Gaither Vocal Band where he is a great humorist and songwriter. Being diagnosed as hyperactive in his childhood, he was perhaps the cause of many a frustrated teacher. He is full of energy, and is never standing still. He moves around with his comedy acts and travels a lot with the Gaither Vocal Band to Green their different homecommings.

In spite of Mark Lowry’s energetic being, many saw that this kid had a lot of potensial. He was surely unique.

In 1984 Mark was living in Houston. His pastor asked him to write the program for the living Christmas tree choir presentation. He was to write the bridges that connected the Christmas Carols to each other, and ut was while he was working on this that Mark considered what it would have been like to be Jesus’ mother. That when he wrote this famous song. He wrote the poem to a melody of his own, but was not happy with it. He therefore put the song on ice till a better melody would pop up. He met Buddy Green in Gaither Vocal Band, and the song was finished in about 1990 to look what we see today.


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