10 The New Deal


Was it air or was it water? Kate felt like she was swimming. The light was so strong that there could not be water all around. Should she swim towards the light? Could she swim at all? Then she saw it! An angel with wings floating towards her. Her hair was light blonde. Her eyes shone a bright blue colour. There was something familiar with this slim, tall angel who had appeared from where that bright light originated. Then Kate realized who it was. It was her mother!

– “Mum!”

The angel smiled at her.

– “My Katie!”

Floating through the air, they met in an embrace that seemed to last for an eternity.

-“You’ve got to go back!” her mum urged.

Kate gripped harder round her mother.

-“No, I wanna stay here with you… for all eternity!”

Her mum stroked her hair gently.

-“It’s not your time yet! You have a whole lifetime ahead of you!”

Kate sniffed.

-“I don’t care! I wanna stay here with you!”

The angel pushed Kate away. She was extremely strong, and Kate could not stop it. Then the angel gave a sudden jerk that sent Kate spinning and rotating back away from the light.

-“We’ll meet again, Katie dear, but not for many years to come.”

Kate’s opened widely, but nothing came out. Then, a fews seconds later, her scream ripped through the otherwise calm scene.


The paramedics stopped the heart massage as Kate spat out loads of water and fought to catch her breath. Her eyes flickered around the room as she coughed several times.

-“Mum!” she yelled. -“Mum!”

Therer was a small circle of people round her. Mrs. Barnes and Carmen were both there as well as two paramedics who had arrived with a stretcher. Kate had been pulled out of the cubicle and onto the floor of the restroom. Mrs. Barnes made clicking sound wth her tongue.

-“The poor child is dilerious!” she mumbled.

Kate looked around, but there were no sign of Brenda or her helpers.

-“How are you feeling?” the female paramedic asked.

Kate coughed.

-“My chest and throat hurts,” she complained.

The male paramedic spoke softly.

-“We will take you to the hospital just in case, but you should be okay. There might be some water left in yur lungs, but that should not prove to be any problem.”

He peered around at the others.

-“Put her on the stretcher, and let’s go. She should be fine, though.”

Carmen raised her voice.

-I’ll come wth you!” she exclaimed. Then she turned to Kate.

-“What happened, Kate?”

Kate went quiet. She didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t answer.

-Kate?” Mrs. Barnes raised her voice.

-“You didn’t drown by yourself!”

Nausia and tiredness crept up on Kate as they laid her on the stretcher and lifted her up.

-“Brenda happened!” she whispered.

So there! Now it was out in the open. What would happen to Brenda because of this? Would she be sent away? kate could only hope…

There was something very familiar with that woman.


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