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Lars Haukeland’s interest for science fiction can be traced back to the very first Star Wars movie in 1977. After this he has been making up several science fiction stories that he would like to get down on paper. It was quite early he made up the 12th Galaxy, the place where several of these stories took place. It’s still planned as a trilogy, but it is a long way to go before actually getting there. Other early sci fi stories include Arnose and Firefly. Before Star Wars, it was detective stories that was on the menu. The stories about  The Two Detectives was probably the very start of Lars’ writing interest. Once, Lars wrote a story called “Five years in danger, part 1”. When his mother cleaned his room, she accidentally threw away the manuscript away, and it was never attempted again. Some stories he did finish, like “The story of Brother David” and “Chess in space”, both sci fi short stories. He has, however, never atempted to publish any of these stories.

There has also been some other developments in Lars Haukeland’s universes. “Kate” is about a girl who loses her mum at an early age and gets sent from fosterhome to forsterhome before turning addict. “The Reverend” is a trilogy about a young pastor battling evil. There are also western stories and crime stories of which “Samantha Swift” is the latest one. “The Touch” is also a new development, including crime and a bit supernatural. “Blacklock” also has several supernatural elements in it. Some of these stories have been started on, but Lars has not prioritized storywriting over his Christian writing, so it remains to be seen if he will be able to complete any of these stories. They d, however, all exist in his mind.

In these special universes, Lars travels to Africa where some Africans are being hunted like animals, in the future somewhere a computer has taken over the New York policeforce, new planets are being discovered, and people all over the world goes through heartaches and pains. In “The Land Of The Unicorn” lives are totally different from here, and somewhere man is caught in a story he can’t get out of. Only the imagination limits the universes in Lars Haukeland’s mind. Unfortunately, all these universes will keep on living in the mind of the author for now.


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